Saturday, May 2, 2009

Pre Devotees

Well obviously I don't post ChaCha stuff anymore. I've long since been fired.

If you thought I was funny come chat me up at my new forums, You can talk to me all you want there, and there's minimal risk of me banning you. The only difference is this time I won't be getting paid to put up with your idiocy.

But seriously, if you want to discuss hacking, modding, or anything else about the new Palm Pre for Sprint, check it out.

Thursday, February 8, 2007

"noob u dont post shit"

So I check my email today, and find this comment:

"n00b u dont post shit its been leik a month sence ur last ^date!!111!1 lol fag gg i hope they catch u "

Now despite the fact that this person is obviously a babbling idiot who was just recently exposed to the internet, he is essentially right. (besides the parts about me being a noob, and me getting caught. gg no re) Anyway, I figured I'd post today.

There has been a reason for the lack of "^datez." I have been busy with university (mid-terms), and some other events of a more personal nature. During this time, my account was suspended for inactivity, and I am in the process of reinstating my membership. Eventually this will be handled, at which point I will resume my hilarious antics and continue to post them. ChaCha is not my first priority at the moment, so as I said in an earlier post, just chill out for a while and wait for an update. Maybe subscribe to teh_RSS.

Before you know it I'll be back, in all of my glory. Until then, post some s@#$ here... It's a pretty chill site for a pretty chill phone, the Palm Pre.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Concerning Updates

Sorry to everyone who's checking the blog expecting an update and sadly finding I've gone another day without a new post. I've had a busy week, and I have an even busier coming up, so I can't be logged into ChaCha too often. Even more unsettling for me is the fact that when I do log in, I don't encounter any stupid people! The new updates ChaCha has instated have banned a lot of the more interesting searches from the get go, so I may be in trouble as far as finding opportunities goes, but when I do you guys will be the first to know.

In any event, just please keep checking back. One day there will be a hilarious new update here, and you'll be that much happier for having waited for it. Thanks for bearing with me!

Sunday, January 7, 2007

Mission: ChaCha

Today I was informed of "Mission: CHACHA." A program to spread the word about ChaCha. Naturally, I was immediately interested because this can make me more money. I was reading through the ToS, which seem very lucrative, when I found the following paragraph. It describes what is classified as "cheating the rewards system," aka "gaming" it.

Gaming: Use of any and all cheat programs, including third-party software such as macro programs is strictly prohibited. Examples of cheating include, but are not limited to, aimbots, wallhacks, poles, and maphacks. Any Guide, or other person or entity working on behalf of a Guide, found cheating will be immediately disqualified. Exploitation of any map bugs is strictly prohibited. Use of scripting in configs is prohibited. If there is any question regarding promotional tactics, please contact

This paragraph is meant to describe "gaming" the system, I.E. cheating. But instead, it describes CHEATING IN VIDEOGAMES! I think someone at ChaCha HQ managed to pull one over on the team, and I can't believe this slipped through into the official ToS.

I'm debating whether or not I'll post the link for you all to download my tool bar, thus making me money. It all depends on whether or not it will reveal my real identity. Expect an update regarding this soon. Please refrain from the use of any aimbots in my absence. Thank you.



To maintain the sanity of you, the reader, a majority of this conversation has been omitted. I think its better off that way - for all of us. You can grasp the general direction of the conversation based solely on this snippet. Bear in mind, this went on for about 7 minutes.

Info Seeker: U KNOW WUT
Guide: Please stop typing in caps.

-7 minutes. I don't know why I didn't ban him immediately. Who knows, maybe the $10/hr I make had something to do with it.

Guide: Please stop using caps.
Guide: This will be your last warning. Please stop using caps.
Guide: You are right.
Info Seeker was reported for Guide Abuse.
Info Seeker had his Caps Lock button forcibly removed from his computer.

This was really out of character for me. I don't know... something about that money just makes me act crazy. As if I were actually adhering to some kind of.. STANDARDS!

Thursday, January 4, 2007

Scalar Weapons

QUERY: Scalar Weapons

Hmm... I've never even heard of this. Maybe I can actually LEARN something from a search - something I previously thought impossible! Perhaps this one will be different... yeah. This will be the one. The one search that reaffirms my faith in the human race.

Guide: Welcome to ChaCha!
Info Seeker: hello
Guide: Hello!
Guide: What do you want to know about scalar weapons?
Info Seeker: everything
Info Seeker: what they do, how they do it, who they were made by, everything and all!
Info Seeker: I feel I have been used by these so called scalar weapons
Guide: "Used" you say? Can you explain?
Info Seeker: yes
Guide: I don't know much about this topic.
Info Seeker: ever done any research on them?
Guide: No.
Guide: I don't know what they are.
Info Seeker: *whispers* they are capable of mind control

-I guess my faith in the human race will remain unaffirmed. Is unaffirmed even a word?

Guide: Oh my...
Guide: On occassion, I have felt as if I were under mind control as well!
Info Seeker: yes..they are very interesting you should take a look into them
Info Seeker: mind control is very is tampering with the weather
Guide: Yes... I agree. But I doubt the Russians would.
Info Seeker: they wouldnt, theyre the ones developing the technology
Guide: It all makes sense now...
Guide: That time I coated myself in chicken fat and stood out on Route 53... I knew that wasn't my idea!
Info Seeker: thats sumthing theyd do
Info Seeker: ive also been abducting by aliens, i have the microbes to prove it
Guide: Snd pix plz.
Info Seeker: don't have any but im seriosu
Guide: I totally believe you. My dad knew a guy who had a cousin who's friend was the veterinarian of a guy who's grandpa's stepson's dog was once owned by this guy who raped a guy who WAS THERE WHEN THE ROSWELL SPACE SHIP CRASHED. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?
Info Seeker: im suprised he isnt dead, to be honest
Info Seeker: the government does this kind of stuff all the time
Guide: Well he died in an ice skating accident.
Guide: But wait... come to think of it, he was always such a good skater!
Guide: Do you think...?
Info Seeker: if he knew what you say he knew, probably
Guide: I...
Guide: I'm speechless.

I really was. I couldn't think of how to progress with the joke, so I banned him. What? He was being abusive!

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Question for a Guide

QUERY: i have a question for any guide

Strange search... Maybe I'll have some fun.

Guide: Welcome to ChaCha!
Guide: Go for it, any question you want.
Info Seeker: hey
Info Seeker: do people mess around with guides a lot?

-Opportunity knocks!

Guide: I don't know. Want to help me find out?
Info Seeker: how can i help with that?
Guide: I've been planning a sting operation.
Info Seeker: how would this go about
Guide: You can't tell anyone this, but I'm actually the CFO of ChaCha.
Info Seeker: what is that?
Guide: I hear pranks are becoming a series issue.
Guide: And I need to see for myself.
Info Seeker: oh, i understand
Guide: Are you willing to help?
Info Seeker: absolutely
Guide: Great.

-Let the fun commence.

Guide: Okay, this is a complex operation, but I think you're capable.
Info Seeker: Thanks
Guide provides link ChaCha
Guide: Here's the ChaCha main site.
Guide: I need you to open it in another window.
Info Seeker: ok
Info Seeker: im there
Guide: I need you to query the guide for "one divided by zero."
Info Seeker: is it ok if i use digits?
Guide: No.
Info Seeker: ok
Guide: This should gain you entry to the secret robot guide.
Guide: It will appear to be a human, but it's not.
Info Seeker: it is searching
Guide: What is the name of the "guide" you were connected to?
Info Seeker: before i continue, could this get me in any sort of trouble with the law
Guide: No, of course not.
Info Seeker: His name is XXXXX
Guide: Perfect.
Guide: I want you to give him the instruction: "nerf paged 0 thru 4 endline"
Guide: Exactly as I typed it there.
Guide: This should issue me the proper reports.
Info Seeker: i copied and pasted
Guide: Tell me how he responds. He will respond in code.
Info Seeker: it transferred me.
Guide: Perfect.
Guide: Repeat the same message to the new robot.
Guide: You're doing great.
Info Seeker: thanks
Guide: I really appreciate this.
Guide: Repost it again.
Info Seeker: don't worry
Info Seeker: ok
Guide: You may have to say it numerous times for "XXXXX" to recognize you.
Info Seeker: ok
Guide: Tell me what "her" reaction is.
Info Seeker: "I don't understand what it is you need help with."
Guide: Okay good.
Guide: You've reached the main sub-menu.
Guide: Tell her, just like this:
Guide: "Robot, I would like Issue Report 15B."
Info Seeker: without quotes, right?
Guide: Yes.
Info Seeker: done
Guide: How did "she" respond?
Info Seeker: "If there isn't anything that you need help with I will be forced to end the session or transfer you to someone else."
Guide: Perfect!
Guide: Now just say "Give me the requested results number 124!"
Guide: Sometimes their internal personality chips act up.
Guide: This should be the last command, then I'll have my reports.
Info Seeker: it ended the session, im sorry
Info Seeker: "Please RATE ME. Thanks for using ChaCha. Status: Session ended."
Guide: Well done.
Guide: I have the reports right here.
Guide: Thank you very much!
Info Seeker: no problem
Info Seeker: gnight!
Guide: Wait.
Info Seeker: yes?
Guide: Here's the part where I hope you have a good sense of humor...
Info Seeker: ok what
Guide: This was all a joke... I hope you don't mind. I get very bored.
Info Seeker: rofl
Info Seeker: im seriously laughing dude

I'm so thankful this guy has a sense of humor. What a good sport. I wish people were more like him.